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What travelers love about this cruise

  •   Strand is a latest cruise, which is equipped with modern furniture
  •   The Upper Deck is the heart of the cruise. Where landscapes can be enjoyed while indulging yourself in relaxing activities.
  •   Spend your days swimming in our custom made swimming pool or relaxing on our cozy sun chairs.
  •   There are wellness and spa area and service available on board
  •   Space in cabins are bright and decorated elegantly 
  •   Balcony in all suite on board
Mr. Eugen Damstedt

        Dear Rosie

We have returned safely home after our very succesful travel in Myanmar.

Thank you so much for your assistance when planning our trip. Everything went very smoothly and without any problems.
You people in Myanmar are really friendly and your country very beautiful.

Once again thank you for your help.

Best regards
Eugen and Ritva

Mr. Eugen Damstedt - Finland Read more... Hide

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Room Types Max Rates

Deluxe cabin

  • Room with balcony
  • 10 Rooms
  • River view
  • Double/twin
  • 17 m²
  • Main deck
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Strand cabin

  • Room with balcony
  • 13 Rooms
  • River view
  • Double/twin
  • 23 m²
  • Main/Upper deck
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State suite

  • Room with balcony
  • 2 Rooms
  • River view
  • Double/twin
  • 30 m²
  • Upper deck
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Strand suite

  • Room with balcony
  • 2 Rooms
  • River view
  • Double/twin
  • 40 m²
  • Upper deck
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The Strand Cruise

The Stand Hotel was long ago popular among other hotels, which was told to be the most first-class and splendid hostel of Suez and fostered by royalty, notability and wealthy magnates. The event of 1988 of changing its owner and huge restoration made a turn for this Stand Hotel to be way more reputable like it is today.

The year of 1993 marked an imposing back in operation of the hotel that worked as an all-suited, luxury hotel. And with its excellent performance, the Strand Hotel has just had its name stand strong on the list of world’s top hotels in general, and on Yangon City Heritage List in particular.

In the coming years, the Stand Hotel is announcing its brand-new Strand Cruise which is well designed in traditionally glorious style and one-of-a-kind features. The cruise is promisingly bringing about the most pleasant comfort, satisfying professional manner, out-standing services, and priceless enjoyable atmosphere to serve you all the way, in every journey. The cruise is well-equipped with cutting-edged facilities and technologies to treasure your most important events in life, including international-standard air conditioner and satellite wireless network within the ship.


Dining and Drinking

The Strand Cruise offers a delightful menu that will not definitely let you down with a wide range of choice, from traditional Burmese cuisines to Western cuisines, each of them will be a different yet exciting experience that are worth you a try.

Alfresco Dining

Being the most popular and favorite type of dining, alfresco dining will be the most desire time during the go. With fascinating scenery surrounding, well-arranged tables, and highlighted food, your meal will be treasured with care. It is you who will enjoy our best pleasant professional services to the fullest. Let us tempt you to the so-called perfection.

The Strand Restaurant

Have you ever imaged having excellent meals in a luxury restaurant on a passionate ship, cruising along one of the most imposing rivers in the world? No, do not image anymore and let us make your dream come true with the Strand Cruise which offers the Strand Restaurant that is full of skilled chefs to take care of your every meal. The ship will cruise along as you are having a wonderful meal to guarantee that you can not only enjoy the standard food, yet also the phenomenal scenery of surrounding nature.

Cuisine Onboard

This will be the most concerned factor to rate a luxury cruise, and we are doing it great. The cuisines are chosen seriously and cooked by talented and favorite chefs. Moreover, cuisines are made from right and fresh ingredients that we proudly give you the best world round cuisines. We take pride to win your heart and mind right at your first bite.

Wellness and Spa

It is time to release all the worry and sorrow behind and relax in our spa after all. The ship’s spa service is well equipped with premium products to treat and care for your health. You will experience massaging time in individual room or there are also double rooms in case. The wellness facilities are placed below the main deck, besides gym equipments.

The Upper Deck

Being the heart of the cruise, upper deck is the main place where you can enjoy the most stunning view from charming nature; also take part into many delightful activities that are well set up on the cruise. You can enjoy reading favorite books on sun shaded lounges, tasting extraordinary cocktails, exploring wine cellar, or just simply swimming on pool and relaxing. Apart from that, there are shows which are performed throughout the journey on the upper deck, so that you can enjoy the travel to the fullest.

The Lounge and Library

On the upper deck, we arrange lounges and a library for you to spend your leisure time and entertain. There comes another interesting experience as you will be served with good cocktails while listening to your guide about the country’s culture and history, as the ship is traveling along mighty Irrawaddy River.

The Wine Cellar

Do not waste any chance to give our many kinds of wine a try which taste classy and enjoyable and is well kept in an advanced-temperature-controlled cellar. You will be surprised by each kind of wine from our cellar which is described to be like-no-other first classed wine you have ever tasted.

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